The intelligent alchemist strings words like pearls

A treasure! You emerge from ‘Red Diaper Baby’ as you do from a finely wrought novel, reluctant to let go of characters who have come to feel like new friends. — New York Newsday

Josh Kornbluth was born a red diaper baby and grew up a child of the Groovy 70’s. It was inevitable that this introspective youth with his quirky sense of humor would become an American comedic autobiographical monologist -- in the spirit of the late Spalding Gray, with some Mel Brooks and Woody Allen sprinkled in.

Josh performs his raucously funny autobiographical monologues with enormous joy and a speed-of light delivery. His swift and cerebral humor tickles the back of your brain, the desire to laugh wells up and threatens to burst forth but you find yourself holding your breath, afraid to miss what is coming next.

His choices of subject matter, like his interests, are incredibly wide-ranging -- from his communist parents (Bunny and Paul) to calculus to tax law to Ben Franklin to Andy Warhol to oboe-playing to spirituality -- but at the root of all of his stories is the universal desire to live a meaningful life. Josh has also adapted his work into feature films, including Haiku Tunnel (Sony Classics, 2001) and the upcoming Love & Taxes, and has hosted an interview show on KQED-TV in San Francisco. Currently, Josh is developing a one-man show based on his experiences as a volunteer at the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco; it will open in the fall of 2015.

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