The Aztlan Spanish/English Dictionary defines "chusma" as:

  1. n Undesirables
  2. v Undocumented
  3. n Outcasts
  4. v Outlaws. Usage: Mira Chusma! Translation: There goes the Neighborhood!

Chusma is the nation's freshest young Latino/Chicano comedy trio, comprised of Gustavo Chavez, Alberto Ibarra del Alto and Marisol Torres. The company embraces a theatrical heritage encompassing neo-vaudevillian, early Mexican carpa, the 60's Chicano theatre of resistance, and the oral traditions of Pre-Cuahtemoc societies without skimping on the laughs. Their show brings Anglo and Latino audiences together for a truly hilarious, thought-provoking theatrical experience. Their repertoire includes both sketch comedy shows such as The Carpa Show and the more theatrical The Mission written and first performed by Culture Clash.


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